About Timothy B McCormack

About Seattle Intellectual Property Attorney Timothy B. McCormack

Timothy B. McCormack is a copyright attorney that represents artists, photographers, film makers and other creative people and the companies, like Getty Images, that support and represent these artists.

Mr. McCormack is dedicated to helping make sure that creative works are protected. Mr. McCormack is quoted: “The United States Copyright law protects artists but this law needs to be enforced in a systematic and cost effective manner to make sure creative people get paid.”

“Ignorance of the law has never been a defense. Know the law. Know your rights” is a theme from McCormack’s public service efforts. To that end, Mr. McCormack writes about current events related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and technology (intellectual property issues) in a news column for the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Mr. McCormack also writes and speaks about how artists and other creative people can avoid issues like copyright infringement in an online video and book series called The Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property. This series is also known by its tagline: Don’t Copy this*.

Contrary to the tagline, the series is offered for free under the Creative Commons License to help educate business people, artists, web designers, film makers and photographers on how to avoid copyright infringement.

By helping to enforce existing copyrights for artists and helping to educate business people and artists on how to avoid copyright infringement is what Seattle attorney Mr. McCormack does.

“This confluence of two important tributaries – copyright enforcement and copyright education – is part of what excites me about what I do as an attorney,”

McCormack says about his practice.

You can learn about Mr. McCormack, including his work as a film maker, at McCormack Legal or on LinkedIn, Twitter or AVVO.